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We're here to help 24/7

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Whether you suspect a small problem or need emergency help; phone, FaceTime, or Skype with one of our certified RV technicians. They will walk you through any fix, big or small.

RV service in the palm of your hand.

We want to be as helpful as possible during this difficult time so we are opening our Blue Moon VIP service program "TeleTech" portion to all.


What to do for minor RV issues during a pandemic and other questions we never thought we would have to ask?


"My RV has this one problem, but I don’t want to take it in during a quarantine." 

24/7 Phone Assistance

We got your back.  Due to the COVID19 crisis we are opening the Blue Moon Pocket Tech program to all.  During this time you can to speak with one of our expert technicians for 30 minutes free 24/7.  Need help finding that fuse?  Cannot figure out where that alarm is coming from?  AC not coming on and the family is getting cranky? Husband is actually googling what a fuse is? We can probably get you on the right track over the phone and for free!

Blue Moon RV Pocket technician allows you to speak with one of our expert shop technicians for 30 minutes for free 24/7.  Our technicians have a an average of 21 years’ experience.  Not only that, they have helped thousands of RVrs using telephone assist calls.

Common issues we can help with over the phone:

To assist our customers in understanding what kind of issues Pocket Tech can help with we have some examples.  Of course we cannot walk through a list of complaints in 30 minutes but this is ideal for those pesky single items you don’t want to spend money having a mobile tech come out for.

What issues are not a good fit for the TeleTech program?


safety issues

Any diagnosis or correction that puts our client in danger we will probably stay away from over the phone.  We like our clients too much to jeopardize their safety.  These are more appropriate for the shop or have a

mobile tech come out.



Chassis & engine

Chassis work, engine work, diagnosis requiring tools the client may not have on hand.  To ensure you are equipped to handle anything on your adventure, we have listed a survival toolkit of important tools to have. 



Propane systems

Propane systems- these should only be worked on by Railroad commission registered technicians. We will not suggest anyone use a tool, appliance outside of factory specification.



What options are there if I cannot get my problem fixed in 30 minutes?

We offer several ways to help beyond TeleTech - Pocket Technician. Our technician can continue to help via phone if you are close to having the problem beat.  We charge a heavily discounted rate after the 1st 30 minutes.  $100/hour billed in 10 minute increments after the first 30.  Even if you stayed on for an hour that is only $50.  We can accept payment through our secure portal over the phone.

What if I can't get the problem resolved or just don’t want to finish?

No problem and great work! We can pick it up from here. We can schedule you for mobile or a shop appointment to have one of our RV experts get you back on the road. If we do have to come out after a Pocket tech call we will waive the trip charge within 35 miles.1 hour minimum still applies to service call. 

What if I need parts to fix my RV?

We are willing to source them from authorized vendors if you like. We can even ship to you and have a follow up call. If making the repair yourself and you just really want to try that part off of the internet, that is 100% your choice. However in the event we need to do an onsite repair, Blue Moon RV will use parts sourced by us through authorized vendors. This is so we can stand behind our 30 no fuss guarantee. Basically the customer can use any part they want but when we fix it we source the part.

What if I do not use pocket Tech but do not want to pay the trip charge for a mobile visit. 

We are all in the process of adjusting to a very challenging and fluid situation. We want our business model to adapt to helping clients during this time which is why we made this free service available. We will be rolling out other value based programs very soon but at this time we are still charging trip charges for non Pocket tech clients who have a mobile tech come out.

Start your 30 minute RV service call now, for free.

Blue Moon RV Pocket technician allows you to speak with one of our expert shop technicians anytime of day, 24/7.


Don't forget to check out our recommended tool list.

Blue Moon RV Survival Toolkit

We recommend you have these items on hand at all times, and available when you call.

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