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Help Wanted, Begin your adventure with us at Blue Moon RV repair. We could have worked on space ships, but we wanted a challenge so we became RV technicians.

The people at Blue Moon have been making earth-shattering upgrades and repairs on RVs for years – some for decades. And it takes a special kind of environment for that kind of magic to happen.

Working as an RV Technician in Carrollton, Texas

As an RV technician, you’ll face unique challenges when it comes to diagnosing, inspecting and repairing recreational vehicles and travel trailers. Whether you specialize in a certain area or you do it all, you may have an opportunity to work at one of Texas’s premier RV service facilities: Blue Moon Mobile RV.


Our team specializes in all the services we offer, including:

  • Air conditioning units

  • Complete roof replacements

  • Custom LEDs

  • Generators

  • Hot water systems, including tankless and on-demand systems

  • Leveling systems

  • Power systems, including batteries, solar and general electrical work

  • Pumps, potties and waste water systems

  • Roof repair

  • Satellite and mobile hot spots

  • Slide repairs


Each member of our team is valued – and we make sure they know it. We choose to work with the brightest and best because that’s what our customers expect from us… and it’s what we expect from ourselves.

Though our work environment is a lot of fun, we take our jobs very seriously. We’ll provide you with a safe workplace filled with people who have the same drive and energy that you do – a place where figuring things out and fixing them is easier because you’re part of a great team.


You’ll work with your hands from day one on a normal Monday-through-Friday schedule, and you’ll get our awesome benefits package, which includes:

  • A 401-k plan that makes planning for retirement easy

  • Medical insurance

  • Gas allowance

  • A work cell phone

  • Auto parts discounts

  • and more!


When you work with Blue Moon Mobile RV, you’ll get your hands dirty with buses, recreational vehicles and mobile units used across a wide range of industries. Today, you might work on a first responder’s vehicle; tomorrow, you might work on your favorite band’s tour bus. You might even work on custom upgrades (including some that are similar to the types of upgrades used on NASA orbiters and spaceships).


We even offer a mobile RV rescue and repair service to provide our customers with the help they need when they need it most – and you could be somebody’s hero for saving the day. Our team is proud to participate in a wide range of charity projects and community outreach programs, too, so you’ll get to be part of something bigger than yourself when you join us.


If you’re not already a certified USRV technician, check out our apprenticeship program. It may be a great fit for you – and you may be able to use it to advance your career.

Blue Moon RV now hiring

Our Department of Labor USRV Apprentice Program
in Carrollton, TX

Rodney, our founder and fearless leader, has a long history mentoring to create industry level RV technicians. Further, as a recognized legal expert in four states, he has the credibility to champion such a program.


Our strong belief is that technicians are made in the shop and must have a concrete system of measuring expertise other than simply time. Therefore, we created our own Department of Labor USRV Apprentice Program.


This program is certification-driven and matches an apprentice with a master level mentor. Each apprentice must obtain factory certifications to advance. Likewise, as apprentices complete training, they receive automatic and predefined pay increases.


Here’s an example: When an apprentice completes their online Cummins generator certification, they’re paired with immediate and intensive hands-on work with a mentor. They get hands-on education and experience while being paid to work – and it just doesn’t get better than that.

How Much Do USRV Master Technicians Make?

USRV Master Technicians out-earn many other skilled trade workers. In fact, they’re part of a fast-growing, highly paid trade that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. On average, a USRV Master Technician makes nearly $70,000 per year.


And there are benefits, too. In fact, when you work with Blue Moon Mobile RV, you get all kinds of fantastic job perks – including a 401-k plan, medical insurance, a gas allowance, a work cell phone, auto parts discounts and snacks while you’re at work. We provide you with all the Blue Moon work swag you can handle, and you get to wear all our casual gear to work.

RV techncian median salary

A Shout-Out to Veterans

We welcome and encourage veterans to apply for our DOL apprenticeship. Our program is tuition-free, which means you don’t have to use your GI Bill to pay for it. In fact, we pay you. You can retain your GI Bill – and even better, because we have a Department of Labor apprenticeship, you may be eligible for the United States Military Apprenticeship Program (USMAP) while you’re still serving on active duty. That way, you can set yourself up for success when you leave the military’s ranks.

Sounds Great! When Do I Start?

Kick off the process by contacting us – we can send you our fast-track application and schedule an interview with you, whether you’re already a certified technician or you want to become an apprentice. First, we’ll call you to discuss the opportunities we have for you, and then we’ll have you come in and meet us in person to make sure we’re a good fit. Then, if everything goes to plan, you’ll become part of the Blue Moon family.

Do You Have What it Takes to Become a USRV Master Technician?

We are always actively looking for our next USRV Master Technician or apprentice technician. Our goal is to have one to two apprentices per master. We look for individuals who are intelligent, tough, curious, solution oriented, honest to a fault and have a strong work ethic. We want to provide those special individuals with an opportunity to learn, advance and evolve.


There’s no better time or place to become a USRV Master Technician, so join us and become legend at Blue Moon.

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