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We could have worked on space ships,
but we wanted a challenge so we became
RV technicians

Rates and Parts

 Blue Moon RV believes in helping customers get a full and complete understanding of pricing.  
Our hourly labor rate is $200/hour.  All work has a one hour minimum and is billed in 6 minute increments after the first hour.
Trip charges for mobile work are in addition to the $200/hr and start at $250.00 dollars depending on distance.  
This information is also listed on our pre-work signature section of our work order.  If you have any questions or require clarification please contact us so we can address any concerns.
All payments are due in full upon completion of repairs. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, local checks, and of course, green backs!
Mobile Service Calls
As one of our most popular services, below are some basic pricing expectations.

· $450 - (within 35 miles), our most convenient option.  A highly trained technician comes to you in a mobile equipped van.  $450.00 covers the trip and the 1st hour of service.  Additional time is billed in increments of 6 minutes.

· Emergency service, (arrive within 2 hours).  $375 covers trip charge within 35 miles and 1st hour, $250/hour after that. Available when our schedule permits.
Some issues can be resolved in one trip, however it is possible we need to obtain special parts and return on another day.  When this occurs, we obtain the part as quickly as possible and schedule your final repair just as promptly.  
We do discount the 2nd trip charge by 25% within 35 miles.  The $200/hr applies to the follow-up visit as well.

We do our best to stock common items, but with the hundreds of manufacturers involved with RV's, obtaining the correct part can require ordering it. 
Manufacturers typically get these to us promptly.  In an effort to ensure we can stand behind our parts, Blue Moon installs only parts we purchase from authorized manufacturers.  We do not install parts supplied by customers.  Read more about how we are limiting disruptions to customers' during the current parts shortages. 

· 30 day no fuss guarantee - We will make it right, at no additional cost to you with the exception of parts that would have been incurred in the normal course of the repair.

· Warranty work - We work with extended warranty companies and parts manufacturers.  Due to the Texas franchise law, we cannot have financial transactions with companies who make RV's.  Please keep in mind your warranty may not cover the entire repair and therefore, you will be responsible for the uncovered portion. 

· Insurance claims - We are happy to work with your insurance company and assist you in filing your claim. If this requires an estimate from us, the cost is covered by the customer but ultimately is applied to the deductible.
We are happy to make suggestions for the following
·     Engine work
·     Chassis
·     Radiator
Appointments Required.

Blue Moon RV is a small team of highly trained team members who are driven to ensure safe and enjoyable RVing.  We accomplish this by caring for your RV maintenance needs and always recommending the appropriate correction based on a solid fact based diagnosis. 

Special note to callers.  After 26 years of RV repair service, we receive a massive amount of calls each day from RV owners seeking reliable service.  While we attempt to call back as many as possible, please understand it is impossible to get every caller scheduled.  We do not book out our schedule more than 4 weeks except for major work.  This allows us to schedule a service appointment within 3 weeks and complete jobs in a timely fashion.  Many of our jobs are done in days or weeks versus months that RV owners are used to.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Our technicians use an app on their cell phones and tablets which allows us to be more efficient with internal and external communications, addressing service needs and documenting work performed, including taking and uploading photos as necessary. You will be asked to provide a pre-work signature as well as a post work signature in this app.
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