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Are we open?

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

This is the most asked question now when people call. We want to thank our extended customer family and we say emphatically yes. We are experiencing a slowdown in the demand for repairs but the business has not stopped. We ask ourselves every day, what can we do today that will make us better tomorrow? It is also our goal to not lose a single staff member or alter benefits despite these hard times. So what are we doing besides the essential repair work?

So what are we doing besides the essential repair work?

  • Rebuilding generators - We can offer these at deep discounts or have on hand for emergency.

  • Working on our charity project -  We usually do this on the weekend, but have been working into time during the week.

  • Access a senior tech 24/7 at no charge.  Blue Moon Pocket Technician

  • Building up our training bank by adding to the existing training material for new hires.

  • Clearing out scrap - This stuff seems to multiply overnight. We are dividing the scrap to increase our return. We will use these funds to improve the shop.

  • Doing projects around the shop - signage, shop organization, lot clean up.

  • Spending time re-certifying on training - our techs are responsible for ongoing certifications so they are as informed as possible.

  • Auditing our operating expenses to ensure we are being as lean as possible.

  • Improving the organization of the shop.

All the while practicing social distancing and tons of disinfecting. We control the controllable. So let us take this opportunity to thank all our Blue Moon RV customers for checking in on us. We are healthy, working and safe. We wish the same for you.

#rvrepair #openforbusiness

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