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This means a whole lotta isolation.

One thing I love about working in this industry is the interesting people we meet. We have had the honor of working with clients in almost every walk of life. One group we see a bunch is our valued veterans. 

May kicks off military appreciation month.  This is a tough time for all of us, but I ask us all to take a moment to thank those military family and friends who serve or have served so we can enjoy a free country.

It is also important to realize that right now our enlisted are experiencing a massive disruption and extended isolation from their families. Veterans have more barriers now to an already strapped healthcare system. Our Vietnam veterans are probably the most exposed sector due to age and possible comorbidities resulting from exposure to toxic agents used during the conflict. 

This group of veterans are being directed to adhere to the most stringent precautions. This means a whole lotta isolation. Don’t get me wrong, every veteran I ever met performed their duty because it was their job and do not expect profuse thanks. But do they deserve a huge thank you? Absolutely!

We have all gotten a brief taste of having our usual small freedoms and way of life impeded. If you are like me, you appreciate them more than ever. Not to mention we all could benefit from reaching out to check in with friends and family during this time. You never know the difference you can have.

As for us, Blue Moon Mobile RV will be using May to kick off our Military discount of 15%. We are excited to bring this offering to our clients and This is the perfect time to do it.

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