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RV service in the palm of your hand.

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

We want to be as helpful as possible during this difficult time so we are opening our Blue Moon VIP service program "TeleTech" portion to all.

This means you can have Phone, FaceTime, or Skype calls with one of our senior technicians (10 + yrs as an RV technician) whenever you are in need of RV assistance or troubleshooting.

What can members of this service do?

Due to the COVID19 crisis, we are waving the annual membership fee and are even offering the first 30 minutes of each call for free (typically chargeable after 15 minutes). Most small issues can be solved in this amount of time.


During this time you can to speak with one of our expert technicians for 30 minutes free 24/7.  Need help finding that fuse?  Cannot figure out where that alarm is coming from?  AC not coming on and the family is getting cranky? Husband is actually googling what a fuse is? We can probably get you on the right track over the phone and for free!

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