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On some days we save a vacation and sometimes we get to save the day.

Updated: May 13, 2020

Picture this, you are sheltering in place in your RV during COVID19 and all of a sudden you realize your RV has sprung a major leak. That’s not all, you are one of the many high-risk elderly Americans, and this RV that is quickly flooding, is your only home. What do you do?

Well if you know the Blue Moon RV TeleTech number, (972-645-4822) you pick up the phone and call a certified RV technician for emergency assistance.

After Texas’ March 25 disaster declarations, Blue Moon Mobile RV along with other local businesses were forced to rapidly adapt to changing information, laws and customer needs. Despite the many restrictions, an estimated 1 million people call their RV’s home. As their home, when something breaks or needs service, it cannot always wait until restrictions are lifted.

For this reason, we opened our Blue Moon RV pocket tech, (972-645-4822) to all. This service allows anyone local or not to reach a technician with a minimum of 10 years’ experience at no cost. Blue Moon RV has performed telephone assist for over 15 years and is uniquely prepared to troubleshoot via phone due to handling thousands of calls in the past.

Most full-time RV owners have serious DIY skills/knowledge, but seniors’ citizens cannot always perform the maintenance and repairs they need. Many are concerned about even leaving their RV’s or interacting with anyone. This is complicated by the fact that many elderly are also on a fixed income so every penny saved is important.

One recent caller reached out due to a sudden significant leak. Water was everywhere with no end in sight. “We had one individual call and he had heard a loud POP! Then water started coming out from under the bathroom door. This dude is like 90 years old and this is his home, his independence and his life,” Rodney Simmons, recalls.

Leaks if not rapidly addressed can destroy structural and electrical components quickly. This can get not only expensive but can also totally bring critical systems to a stop. Water can short out electrical and create electrical hazards. If someone is isolating and needs medical equipment like oxygen, CPAP machines or especially air conditioning in the Texas summer these outages can be critical. Every single one of us has probably had an urgent need during this time and can relate to the panic of trying to get prompt help.

On this occasion Rodney Simmons, president and founder got the call at 3:18pm. He identified the issue and walked the customer through getting their water stopped. “I got him to turn off the water at the source and he described what he was looking at. I had determined that a drain valve under the bathroom sink had simply broken. One of our field techs had just finished a job and was about 15 miles away and got there in 20 minutes. Our tech Had the valve replaced in 30 minutes and the feller was almost in tears and very thankful for the service,” Rodney recalls. “This is by far one of the best calls I personally encountered and it’s the kind of boost that will take you thru the mundane, redundant questions like “how do I turn on my refrigerator?”

At Blue Moon RV we are attempting to approach this situation with the attitude and actions that we use daily in our business. That is to control and contribute how we can and when we can. On some days we save a vacation and sometimes we get to save the day.

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