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Keep hail damage from adding costly repairs to your home on wheels!

If you suspect your RV experienced hail damage this weekend you need to have your roof inspected promptly.  You may not see extensive leaks immediately. But even small cracks to your roof’s protective structure can cause a multitude of issues.  Small incremental leaks can cause roof rot, side wall de-lamination, (separation), and floor rot. 

Here is what you need to know.  Comprehensive insurance will almost always pay for a roof repair if you file a claim within a reasonable time, but long term damage resulting from not correcting hail issues is usually not covered.  For example, your RV gets hail damage and needs repair.  This can include minor patching or partial/full replacement.

Say you do not fix that damage and water begins to get in and creates a cycle of saturating your floor when it rains.  Over time with the floor drying and getting wet, it will lose structural integrity and grow mold which can create health issues.  Insurance may still cover the roof repair but almost never the floor because the floor will fall under lack of maintenance.  Depending on the extent and location of the floor damage, it can range in cost to repair from $500-$7000 to repair.

The good news is, if you catch it early enough, you can usually get ahead of the dreaded "boogyman", of costly repairs. We can schedule and appointment at our shop to determine if you have damage to your roof and document it if you need to start a claim.  If you do need a repair we have years of experience repairing roofs and take care of everything from the estimate to working with your insurance.

So call us to check to see if your RV roof made it safely out of the recent hailstorm and avoid any future leaks that could cause costly additional repairs to your home on wheels.

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