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7 Ways to Get Your RVReady for Fall

Tips to keep you safe on the road this autumn.

As we head towards the winter months, increased rain and fewer daylight hours bring new safety concerns for all RVers. We’ve compiled a list of basic maintenance and preparation you should consider to ensure that your fall travels are as safe as possible.

  1. Lights: Shorter days means more hours of darkness, and rainy weather decreases visibility. Clean and replace headlights, taillights, emergency flashers, blinkers, and parking lights as needed. You can even use toothpaste on a rag or toothbrush to un-fog cloudy lenses for optimum brightness.

  2. Windshield & Wipers: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Make sure to seal any chips or replace a cracked windshield before cold temperatures cause damage to spread! Don't forget a good set of windshield wipers is a safety priority. Replace worn, cracked, or streaking wipers for maximum visibility.

  3. Fluid levels: Check all fluid levels and top off. Change your oil, and Refill your wiper fluid. Don’t substitute with water – this hack may work in the summer, but in cold temperatures it will freeze and be anything but helpful!

  4. HVAC: Having a functional heating, ventilation and cooling system is about more than just comfort. And be sure that your defroster works efficiently to keep your windshield clear in fall and winter weather.

  5. Emergency kit: Keep important items on hand in case of a breakdown or other emergency. Be sure to include gloves, boots, blankets, snacks, water, and a flashlight.

  6. Cracks & Seals: Check your roof, windows, and slide room seals for any cracks or gaps that could allow wet fall weather into your RV. Leaks cause damage that can be costly. The biggest culprits we see are sun and hail damage, and branch scrapes.

  7. Tires: Fall can get rainy, good traction is essential. Check tire tread and replace if less than 2/32″ depth remains. If tread wear is uneven, have a technician check your car’s alignment. Also check regularly for proper inflation, as cold weather lowers tire pressure.

If you have any concerns, contact us for a fall maintenance check by one of our certified RV technicians. We will make sure you are safe and sound for your next trip.

Safe travels and happy fall from Blue Moon RV!

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