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BMMRV Will Limit Disruptions To Customers' During Parts Supply Shortages

July 21, 2021

A letter from BMMRV Service Center DOP Abby Simmons:

Dear Blue Moon RV customer family, 


Over the past year the RV industry has experienced various supply shortages affecting the end user. Never fear, we have created strategic responses to these challenges to continue to repair our customer's RV's promptly and with expert parts that we can warranty. We have accomplished this through increasing legitimate suppliers, shortening supply times, increasing our supply on hand, identifying acceptable substitutes and process improvements. 


In response to the shortage, we have seen many RV owners obtaining repair parts prior to arriving for their repair appointment. Unfortunately, many customer supplied parts are:  


  • “dead out of the box” with no return warranty,  

  • is not the part required for the repair 

  • we cannot warranty the part nor installation if not from an appropriate supplier 


While we understand the independent spirit of RV owners attempting to remedy an issue economically, it is our policy based on experience and best practices to only install parts we obtain and supply. We do these things for several reasons.

  • Providing parts and service is our business model 

  • Sourcing the part ensures the correct part, in the acceptable timeframe, and a part warranty to stand behind 

  • Helps avoid costly labor overages required from modifying a system to install customer supplied parts that may not be an exact match 

  • Avoid repair delays that occur when waiting for parts we cannot track 

If you have questions regarding this or any other Blue Moon Policy our owners are always happy to provide further explanation.   


Abby Licata Simmons

Director of Operations

Blue Moon Mobile RV

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