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About Our Blue Moon RV Team

Recreational Vehicles (RV) have been around sense the early 1900's, but if you think further back, pioneer settlers had similar images. Pioneer settlers where known to carry their homes in a wagon as they moved across the prairie from the east coast to the west coast to obtain job opportunities, hope for a better life, stability for their family, & the freedom of the land.


Rodney Simmons/Moonshiner code name: "Rod Rod the RV Gawd"
President and CEO. Rodney has over 30 years of experience in complete RV repair. His tenacious pursuit of providing the highest level of RV service and constant learning established Blue Moon as a trusted repair center. He is the guy who always reads the manual, terms & conditions and fine print not until he finishes them, but until he understands every word. Don't think this slows him down though. If you have met him, you know that he goes 100mph all the time. He has also accomplished Master Certification with the RVIA-RVDA. Rodney has been recognized as an expert witness in the State of Texas & Florida. He served as past chair of the Education Committee for the Texas Recreational Vehicle Association (TRVA). Rodney has spoken at RV parks, RV Shows and RV Conventions on what he has experienced as a technician. When not working he enjoys pursuing his inner Angus Young, RVing, concerts and cooking with his partner Abby. Rodney@bluemoonrv.com


Abby Arellano/Moonshiner code name: "The Dog Whisperer"
Operations Director/Animal Control Lady and wannabe samurai. Abby maintains and oversees the day to day functions for the Dallas office and works closely with extended warranty companies on behalf of the customer. She has experience in operations management in challenging and changing environments, and transforming businesses to perform at maximum efficiency and quality. Abby loves dogs, horses, and just about anything she can take care of. Abby also enjoys playing piano, cooking, reading and doing things outside such as landscaping or gardening. Abby's dream retirement gig is "Sleeping till noon then sitting in a tikki hut and playing piano in a place that never gets cold" Abby@bluemoonrv.com


Jeff Simmons/Moonshiner code name: "Donut Man":
Jeff has over 20 year experience in the RV industry. He is a Master Certified Technician who has the gift of "fabrication" and has nose like a bloodhound when it comes to locating problems. He has helped in training many in the Blue Moon family. He is the proud and steady supply of Friday morning sugar in the form of donuts…….a lot of donuts Jeff@bluemoonrv.com


Robert Searle/Moonshiner code name "MacGyver":
Robert is a Master Certified Blue Moon RV veteran with almost 20 years of experience working for the company. His excellent service makes him a favorite technician of our customers. Robert treats others as himself, and is always willing to go above and beyond when it comes to his work. He is a voracious learner and dedicated family man. He is also the kind of person who would make a fusion reactor out an old microwave, a package of toothpicks and gorilla glue … for fun. Robert@bluemoonrv.com


Josh Love/Moonshiner code name :"Honey Badger":
Service Manager, Josh has around 8 years of experience working directly with RV Owners and the industry in various opportunities within Paint and Body, Authorized Service Departments, and RV Sales. Joshua is also a semi-professional rugby player for Dallas Athletic Rugby Club and was recently honored Rookie of the Year for their 2016/2017 season. Like many of the other employees Josh is also a musician; he plays an assortment of instruments including guitar, trumpet, harmonica, and tuba. JLove@bluemoonrv.com


Josh Hurwitz/Moonshiner code name: "Whiz Kid":
Josh was our most recent hire of a "Josh". We stumbled on him as the son of a customer and we are lucky to have him as part of the team. Since joining us in June, he has spearheaded a major software change, filmed and edited our videos, assists with social media and website content, provided help to technicians, provides support on multiple improvement projects and now is helping format a service management database. He is basically the guy we call when technology goes hay wire and he has the power to make computers and software self-correct when they hear him coming down the hall. In his so called spare time he is working on his Eagle badge, taking college courses, playing in a band and playing varsity soccer. JHurwitz@bluemoonrv.com

  Jason Hankins, Moonshiner codename "Taz"
RV Technician. We recruited Jason right out of the heart of RV manufacturing in Indiana. He has a wide breadth of experience who has been in manufacturing since 2004. He brings a deep understanding of how RV's are made from the ground up. He was the first candidate hired after we implemented our new intensive screening process. He is the proud dad to 5 kiddos and spends his spare time with his kids and wife Brenda. We are tremendously lucky he and his family have made the decision to join Blue Moon RV.

Technicians, Blue Moon Mobile RV has several technicians that are Master Certified and trained to provide our customers with any type of needs they may have. All of our technicians attend factoryschools and seminars on a regular basis to keep up with the latest innovations and technology so you, the customer, are not paying for on-site training!

Security, Blue Moon Mobile RV takes security seriously. Ozzy and MoMo are our top notch protectors. They will serve and protect 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. Rain, Shine, Sleet, or Snow.



Blue Moon Mobile RV Repair Dallas · 1501 Halsey Way · Carrollton, TX 75007-4439
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