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Rates and Parts

We process the paperwork for all repairs done under warranty. The customer is responsible for any charges not covered under warranty; for example, deductible, service call, freight charges, shop supplies, etc.


All payments are due in full upon completion of repairs. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, local checks, and of course, green backs!

Mobile Service calls:

  • $225.00 - (within 35 miles), our most convenient option.  A highly trained technician comes to you in a mobile equipped van.  $225.00 covers the trip and the 1st hour of service.
  • (36-50 miles), $225 plus $2.00/mi with a 2 hour minimum. $150/hour rate applies to additional hours.
  • $150.00 - additional hourly labor rates.
  • $300.00 - field estimates.
  • Mobile calls are one of our most popular services. Depending on the season, appointments can run 1-3 weeks out.  On your appointment day, your tech will call to confirm.  Be sure you are available to confirm and attend your appointment.
  • All balances are due immediately after your service is completed.
  • Emergency service, (arrive within 2 hours).  $350 covers trip charge within 35 miles and 1st hour, $250/hour after that. Available when our schedule permits.


  • $150 - hourly labor rate
  • $150 – estimates, minimum 1 hour. $150 for each additional hour.


We do our best to stock common items, but with the hundreds of manufacturers involved with RV's, obtaining the correct part can require ordering it.  Manufacturers typically get these to us promptly.  In an effort to ensure we can stand behind our parts, Blue Moon installs only parts we purchase from authorized manufacturers.  We do not install discount internet RV parts.  There are some instances when we need to purchase special order/high dollar items to complete a repair. If this is the case with your repair, the cost of the part is required to be paid in advance.

  • 30 day no fuss guarantee - We will make it right, at no additional cost to you with the exception of parts that would have been incurred in the normal course of the repair.
  • Warranty work - We work with extended warranty companies and parts manufacturers.  Due to the Texas franchise law, we cannot have financial transactions with companies who make RV's.  Please keep in mind your warranty may not cover the entire repair and therefore, you will be responsible for the uncovered portion.  We do charge a $25 administrative fee to process extended warranties.
  • Insurance claims - We are happy to work with your insurance company and assist you in filing your claim. If this requires an estimate from us, the cost is covered by the customer but ultimately is applied to the deductible.

What to expect:

After you call to schedule an appointment: We are fortunate to receive 50-75 calls a day. It is our goal to either call you back with an appointment time or give you a referral to a service partner if your timeline needs will be better met elsewhere.  Our ultimate goal is to get you back on the road.


The mobile tech will call before heading your way.  Please be available, the tech cannot proceed without reaching you and your being present for the appointment.  Have a detailed list.  While most people call with a primary complaint, frequently we can help with other issues while on site.

When your appointment day arrives, please have:

  • Warranty info, (if applicable)
  • A list of items you need addressed
  • Payment method and budget

At The Shop:

You will have a drop off appointment time.  Please make every effort to be on time so we can get you checked in quickly.
When your appointment day arrives, please have:

  • Vin#
  • License plate #
  • Date of Purchase
  • Warranty info, (if applicable)
  • A list of items you need addressed
  • Payment method and budget
  • Deadline for work to be performed

Most customers arrange transportation so they can leave their RV.  Clients sometimes arrange with our service manager to wait while service is performed.  We will make every attempt to proceed promptly, but sometimes things arise to complicate the repair.  Please understand our wait times can easily be 2-3 hours.


Systems we specialize in:

  • All RV Air Conditioners
  • Batteries and related systems
  • Generators- Onan and Honda
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Satellite systems
  • Lighting
  • Power systems
  • Waste management
  • On board control board systems
  • Structural issues


We are happy to make suggestions for the following:

  • Engine work
  • Brakes
  • Chassis
  • Radiator

DISCLAIMER: Prices are subject to change without notice. We will be diligent in posting changes.

Appointments Required.

Please note: Our rates are per hour with a one hour minimum. For example, if we come out, and fix the problem in 15 minutes, you still have us for 45 minutes! As the great Bill Withers classic goes, "Keep on using us, until you use us up"! We can check your batteries, look at your tires, clean your windows, or dress up in a monkey suit and dance to your favorite tune! Whatever you'd like, because you have paid for that time.

Contact our Dallas office to discuss rates involving litigation or arbitration issues.

DISCLAIMER: Prices are subject to change without notice. We will be diligent in posting changes.

Parts Online

The online order site is fully functional but takes time to load, even with a glorious, high-speed internet connection. We appreciate your patience and business greatly.

Click Here For Online Parts Ordering



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